Hole cutting machine KATV 55 Blue-Mag with HEAVY-DUTY Twin Rail Slide System and Sensor

Art. 20.8025
Product details:

Core drillingTwist drillingCountersinkingTappingAccessoriesSpeed full load

Gear stages
1. =100-250 min-1
2. =180-450 min-1
Ø 12 - 55 mm/
5/32" - 2.11/64"
Ø 3 - 23 mm/
3/16" - 29/32"
Ø 10 - 40 mm/
3/8" - 1.37/64"
Ø 6-20 mm/
15/64" - 25/32"

Technical data

Application videos

Thanks to "HEAVY-DUTY"
Twin Rail Slide System easily
110 mm cutting depth possible.
Motor Power Watts 1250
Tool holder Morse taper 2 with Weldon 19 mm (3/4")
Coolant supply Internal, automatically
Stroke 170 mm/ 6.5/8"
Voltage 240 Volts / 110 Volts
Magnetic adhesion 1250 kg/ 2755 lb
Magnetic foot 85 x 180 mm Fixed       
Weight 13,00 kg/ 28,00 lb


Right/left running
Full wave electronic

Special Characteristics



Advantages of New Twin Rail Slide System "HEAVY-DUTY" over machines with old dovetail system.

  • Up to 10 times better stability.
  • Extremely tight tolerances of the slide through the round Twin Rail system.
  • The slide has no contact with the main body of the machine. The whole construction is
    connected only by the highly precise and extremely stable rail system.
    • Reduced friction / less wear
    • Low maintenance / better reliability


  • Improved cutter life
  • Reduced cutter breakage
  • Improved hole tolerances
  • Improved hole surface quality
  • Up to 110 mm cutting depth possible already with small machines


The sensor detects how well the magnet keeps the machine on the ground.
  • It is directly connected to the engine.
  • If the sensor is illuminating "RED" , the ground is dirty (rust, varnish residues, chips), the material is thinner than 6 mm or the feed rate is to high.
    The machine does not have a safe stand. The engine does not start or turns off.
  • If the sensor is illuminating "GREEN", the magnetic holding force is optimal and the use of the machine is safe.

Scope of delivery:

The machines are delivered instantly
ready to use. Complete with all neccessary
tools and additional parts.
Tools and additional parts:
Safety Chain/carabina, coolant bottle
with fixing bracket and magnetic holder.
Consistently “ONLY THE BEST” machinery requires only the best available transport boxes. All machines supplied in heavy-duty dust and water proof sealed transport containers with internal protection. Ideal for machines used in tough conditions.

Art Nr. Volt /Volts Stromanschluss /Plug €*
208025010 230 V EU 1.589,13
208025020 110 V USA 1.589,13
208025030 110 V UK 1.589,13
*Price incl. 19 % VAT

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