Art. 60.1261-62-63-64
Product details:

Basic oil based on vegetable products (cocnut oil, rapeseed iol). Environmentally friendly. Chlorine-free.

Use: Ideal for sawing, milling, drilling, turning, grinding and thread-cutting. Also suitable for non-cutting processing such as rolling, deep drawing, wire drawing, tube bending.


Particularly suitable for machining difficult materials such as rust and heat resistant steels, nickel alloys, titanium, steel, cast iron, non ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, brass unalloyed or alloyed.
Instructions for use:
Also suitable for minimal quantity lubrication.
•Verly long tool life
•Improved surface quality
•Biologically degradable (ad delivered)

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601261 25 L 316,60
601262 5 L 70,03
601263 10 L 133,34
601264 500ml 7,68
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