High performance cooling lubricant concentrate, silicon free with a low mineral oil content

Art. 60.120025-10
Product details:

This product is a very useful addition to the portfolio, where so far only conventional cooling was covered with the Mecutoil 100. Due to the lubricating effect and the high mineral oil content of the MECUTOIL 100 you should use our Mecutoil 100 PRO of the coolant pressure is >20 bar.

Mecutoil 100 PRO is a universal, water-miscible cooling lubricant with a mineral oil content of 20% for the general machining and for the internal coolant supply. Mainly cooling systems with >20 bar coolant pressure like the High Performance Cutting (HPC) or high-pressure machining with IKZ80, but also for coolant systems with <20 bar coolant pressure.
→ To be mixed in water!

•Water miscible
•For high performance cutting (HPC), high pressure machining >20 bar
•No hazardous substance (free of labeling)! Mineral oil that is not hazardous under traffic laq provision
•Nitrite and chlorine free
•Does not contain heavy metals
•Refractometer factor: 1.8


Application: Significantly increases tool life and surface quality when: SAWING, MILLING, TAPPING, GRINDING, DRILLING, HPC. For coolant systems >20 bar
Mixture: 5% oil in water for low srength steels (structural steels) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass) 10% oil in water for high-alloy steels (stainless steels). For the most difficult problems increase the oil content. (209 liter barrel available on reqeust!)

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