Art. 60.1150
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Mecutspray bio-high performance-cutting oil for difficult cutting and non cutting operations - silicon free

Only plant-based raw materials. Environmentally friendly spray oil. Pump-spray can without propellant.

Application:Excellent useable for sawing, milling, drilling, turning, reaming and thread cutting.
Advantages: Lubricating promoting additives - free of mineral oil components contains corrosion protective additives - aging-resistant.

Application reference: Adding immediately onto the workpiece/tool. Let it impact for a short time and possibly repeat the operation.

•Very long tool-life
•Improving surface quality
•Anti-corrosive working
•100% active substance
•Environmentally friendly
•Biologically degradable >90%
•According to CEC-L-33-T-82
•Useable for minimum lubrication

Espacially useable for cutting difficult materials like acid-, and heat-resistant steels, nickel alloys, titanium, steel, aluminium, aluminium alloys.

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601150 500ml Dose/Can 12,50
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