High Performance Cooling Lubricant Concentrate "MECUTOIL 100"

Art. 60.1100
Product details:

The oil is mixed by constant stirring with water. (Pour the oil into the water). The result is an excellent and highly productive Universal cutting oil.


-Mineral oil that is not hazardous unter traffic law provision
Does not contain heavy metals
No Nitrite and chlorine
Suitable for minimal lubrication (MMC)


Increases tool life and surface finish significantly when: SAWING, MILLING, TAPPING, GRINDING, DRILLING.

5% Oil in water for low strength steels (structural steel) and non-ferrous metals (aliminium, copper, brass)

10% Oil in water for high-alloy steels (stainless steels). Increase the oil content for most difficult machining or use only the pure oil.

Art Nr. Mengenangabe des Inhalts / Quantitative indication of the contents €*
60110010 10 l 109,84
60110025 2,5 l 27,97
6011005 5 L 54,98
*Price incl. 19 % VAT

0.83628000 1619198408