Rotary burr for tire repair

Art. 11.4077
Product details:

Suitable for repairs to truck tires, tires for agricultural vehicles and construction vehicle tires.
Rotational speed: max. 2500 RPM

Rotating mill for precise damage processing at radial and diagonal tires.

The specifically adjusted cutting geometry permits clean and professional processing of the hole channel.


Procedure - Processing the hole channel: The course of the hole channel from the inside out is to be determined with a pricking awl. This measures the damage size on the inside and the outside of the tire [max. 6 mm]. The hole channel is first processed and cleaned with a matching rotating mill from the inside outwards and then from the outside inwards. For this, it must be particularly observed that the damage channel is penetrated precisely without enlarging the damage, that intact cord ropes are not damaged and that expansion/loosening of the surrounding tissue is avoided. If further damage such as rust formation or loosening is found, the tyre must be inspected again for the possibility of repair with prefabricated repair elements.

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