Rotary burrs kit, Ø 12 mm, shank 6 mm, HP-3-CUT, BLUE-TEC-coated

Art. 11.4942
Product details:

Content: 10 pieces
Respectively 1 rotary burr pro form.

HP-3-CUT - Technical specification:
The most widely used universal cutting style results:
• High cutting action through cross cutting style
- smooth operation
- short chips
• For use on all ferrous materials such as:
- casr iron - steel < 60 HRC
- stainless steel (INOX)
- nickel basis and titanium alloy
• Also copper, brass, bronze

BLUE-TEC coated:
patented BLUE-TEC coating, spedifically designed for burrs gives outstanding tool life and excellent performance on all metals.


Would you like a different content in burrs? No problem! Select 6,0 mm shafts from the complete list of products. Note that the maximum length is 86 mm.

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