Solid carbide twist IQ-drill for drill hole tolerance H7, four-chamfer drill

Art. 22.0425
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IQ-DRILL four-chamfer, 5xD and 8xD with/without interior cooling supply. We optimize your production.

1. This new development from Karnasch meets hightest demands on drill quality. Reming after drilling is often not necessary any more.
2. 4 chamfer are optimal adjusted on the drill-diameter and develop new applications. This additional guide-chamfer stabilizes already on the very beginning of drilling and is responsible for the further drilling process.
3. IQ-drill guarantees maximal alignment accuracy and coaxiality in particular for drilling depths exceeding 5xD.
4. Because of the extraordinary self-centering- ability, also by interruption drill holes, the alignment and concentricity stays almost constant.


Advantages IQ-Drill: - no center drilling - no predrilling - no counterboring - no drill bushing - high surface quality / reamer quality - high alignment accuracy - tolerance H7

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