HSS-XE annular cutter, Weldon shank, drill depth 25 mm, Eco-Line25

Art. 20.1220
Product details:

Annular cutter made of HSS-XE special steel.

Karnasch Eco-Line core drills are our "entry model".

By HSS-XE steel + step hardened already superior to most competing models in the market with excellent durability and sturdiness.

Made of high-alloyed HSS-XE special steel. For extreme hardness at the tip of the tooth [up to 68 HRC].
This guarantees a high wear resistance and lifetime.

Only few manufacturers are capable of producing step-hardened annular cutter.
For Karnasch this is "standard". Only this makes us produce extremely hard tooth tips [68 HRC] and yet a flexible annular cutter.

Larger Ø, see art. 20.1255

Choose your diameter range for the selection of the right ejector pin, adapters or extension.

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Excellent for all structural steels up to 700 N.

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