Set BASIC, HSS-XE + DURABLUE coated annular cutter, Fein Quick-In shank, drill depth 40 mm, Blue-Line40

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Annular cutter made of HSS-XE special steel + DURABLUE-coating.

Besides carbide tipped annular cutters provide coated HSS-XE annular cutter the optimal price-performance ratio.

Under hard field conditions only in the rarest cases optimum speed and cooling can be considered.
The Karnasch DURABLUE coating makes the annular cutter decisively more resistant. This results finally to an extraordinary increase of lifetime.

BLUE-LINE is the most commonly used Karnasch annular cutter.

  • 6 HSS-XE + DURABLUE-coated annular cutters 20.1146:

  • drill depth 40 mm,

  • Fein Quick-In shank 18mm,

  • 1 pc each Ø 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 26 mm,

  • 2 ejector pin 6,34x90mm

For sets/displays, other content possible.
Made of high-alloyed HSS-XE special steel. For extreme hardness at the tip of the tooth [up to 68 HRC].
This guarantees a high wear resistance and lifetime.

Our first-class annular cutter are equipped with the unique and patented DURABLUE coating.
Extreme surface hardness and steekness yield extreme lifetimes even under non-optimum conditions like "overhead work", dry- drilling, etc.

Only few manufacturers are capable of producing step-hardened annular cutter.
For Karnasch this is "standard". Only this makes us produce extremely hard tooth tips [68 HRC] and yet a flexible annular cutter.

Seven different cutting geometries optimally adapted to the different diameter and cutting depths leads to high performance cutting results.

Completely made "FULLY GROUND". This refining rises the cutting ability with reducing friction at the same time. For an exceeded lifetime.


This HSS-XE cutter is offering the best price-performance ratio for all steels up to 1100 N and stainless steel.

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